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Dating after50

Religion was much more important to folks in the West and South than the Northeast.When you picture your golden years, what do you see?

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Boudoir photography allows us to get creative with our erotic imagination and give expression to that hidden erotic creature inside of us. Watch your self esteem and body positive self grow with each image. With Boudoir Photography you get the opportunity to create and see your own unique beauty. This is an opportunity for you to celebrate who you are in the skin that you are in now.For couples sharing those intimate moments on camera, it can be downright exciting.Something as simple as looking at each other in front of a camera or touching each others faces can really light up the room and your sex life.There is something about putting ourselves out there in such a complete way and then seeing ourselves reflected back through photography that can absolutely shift how we feel about ourselves. Taking the time to choose outfits can build anticipation and arousal.Suddenly seeing ourselves as beautiful or sexy or extraordinary becomes a possibility. All the parts of a great boudoir shoot from choosing your costumes to make up to posing are great endorphin builders!It's not comfortable; at least not the idea of it; or perhaps even for the first few moments of it.

But I have seen the healing and transformative effects of boudoir photography first hand at my retreats for women -- and in myself.

There is great pleasure to be found in discovering what you can get away with. Most people spend a lot of time hating all the parts of their body.

Taking it out in front of a camera in a safe space is a wonderful way of letting our badass self fly free and wild. My guess is that you aren't a beginner at being you; you are just a beginner at really letting yourself see you. Is it really so awful or maybe could it even be kinda sexy? Can you allow your belly to show during the photo shoot? Can you sit with the images and see your belly as curvy and sexy?

You have lands inside yourself that you haven't discovered yet. There is a big difference in what we all think we look like; and what we really look like. Can you see parts of yourself that are less obviously beautiful that maybe you never noticed before? Than get in front of the camera and turn on the hot beast inside of you.

And you won't ever uncover it until you let yourself go there. Have the audacity to believe in your badass sexiness -- right now. Sexy photographs are a delicious invitation to your lover. Look at the curve of your back, your hands, or how about your feet? Get rid of the "I don't feel sexy" and fill yourself up with "Who is the hottest ass in town?

There is something magical about bringing the camera into the room that can bring out the tiger and the playful sexiness in all of us.