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You can also see artifacts of the war displayed in the Civil War Museum and a steam locomotive known as the Texas, a veteran of the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862.

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The museum has over 1,500 Union and Confederate artifacts, including cannons, uniforms, and flags, visitors experience the Civil War through the eyes of soldiers and a stately ante-bellum home of Benjamin Harvey Hill, lawyer, Georgia and United States congressman, is regarded as one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the state of Georgia.This mansion is where Confederate Navy Secretary Stephen Mallory was arrested by Federal soldiers, along with Confederate Senator Benjamin Hill.Cassville was created by the Georgia Legislature in 1832 to serve as county seat for simultaneously created Cass County (now Bartow), one of ten original counties carved from the former Cherokee territory.- From strategically placed observation towers placed on the Chickamauga Battlefield, Missionary Ridge, and Lookout Mountain, observers and students could comprehend the grand campaign that extended over a 150 mile front and follow many tactical details of the actual battle.Discover the important part it played on Georgia's citizens. Click on - This site combines the recreational fun of a state park with the educational resources of a historic site. In Andersonville, Georgia 31711 - Visit Andersonville National Historic Site - Home of the fabulous Du Bose Civil War collection.

Stephens State Historic Park features a Confederate museum with one of the finest collections of Civil War artifacts in Georgia, including uniforms and documents. Stephens Historic Parkis the largest prison camp for Federal prisoners and now a national memorial to all American POWs.

The sand and mud earthworks were attacked seven times by Union ironclads, but did not fall until captured in 1864 by Gen. Sherman during his "March to the Sea." Nestled among giant live oaks and beautiful salt marsh, this park is a quiet location for camping, hiking, fishing and picnicking.

In Richmond Hill, Georgia - Visit Fort Mc Allister Historic Site.

- The Battle for Fort Pulaski in April 1862 was a turning point in military history featuring the first significant use of rifled cannons in combat.

These accurate, long-range weapons shattered Fort Pulaski's walls from over 1 mile away.

- Battle took place in February and May 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign.