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Wyatt Miller, the son of her late father's best friend.

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The North Carolina Lemon Law, also known as the New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act (N. If the manufacturer hasn’t fixed your car after a reasonable number of attempts, you are entitled to choose a comparable new replacement vehicle, or a refund.He died when she was 7, and the grieving she and Lwaxana shared is also a vivid memory.Sometime prior to that she had been "genetically bonded" according to Betazoid custom to Dr.Following Academy graduation she returned to her homeworld for advanced psychology studies at the University there, where she befriended the troubled Tam Elbrun during his treatments for stress.It was also during this period when she met and enjoyed a deep romance with her "imzadi," Starfleet Lieutenant William Riker.Again, it was her skills in interpersonal contact which helped Cochrane adjust to her comrades' true story when trying to restart the known timeline after Borg temporal sabotage in 2373.

During her original posting she had preferred wearing non-regulation clothing as a calming influence on those about her, but following temporary commander Jellico's order to don a uniform in 2369, she began to make it habit.

Troi has shown no signs of negative reaction to Riker's occasional attractions to other women, including both Ensign Ro and the J'naii renegade Soren, and is even touched that he still confides in her.

Even so, the appearance of the "old" -era Riker in the form of Thomas easily swept her off her feet.

It is this training which contributed to the successful restoration of Cochrane's pioneer flight, when she helped minimize 24th century involvement and thus potential timeline contamination by acting as ground flight controller when the original crew was killed by time-traveling Borg.

She is also trained in languages and linguistics, often making her a valued first contact team member.

Aside from her intended mate Wyatt Miller, Riker is the only other person she felt had the capacity to share full telepathic contact. Potemkin in 2362, but his rapid career rise negated that and she eventually cooled to him.