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See Spectacular Bridges Around the World It feels like you're walking in the sky.This former railroad bridge is suspended 220 feet above a wide, unusually straight stretch of the Hudson that Dutch seafarers once called "Lange Rack" or Long Reach.

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It's reached by a harrowing cable car ride up Mount Mat Cincang, and the bridge's gently curving promenade provides tourists with dazzling views of the Andaman Sea far below.That means you can see up and down the river for miles—without any overhead structure to obscure the view.Conflicting Claims: The official website states that, at 6,767 feet long, it's the world's longest pedestrian bridge.Crossing from one hilltop park to another, 118 feet above busy Henderson Road, its highest pedestrian bridge overlooks treetops, flowering bushes, the harbor, and the skyline.Cooler still is this bridge's resemblance to a Slinky toy.From Buenos Aires to Bilbao, routine errands are imbued with grandeur thanks to Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's dramatically sculptural footbridges.

The most successful fall somewhere between spectacle and conduit because they blaze a path where no one felt the need for one before.

Sure, these pedestrian bridges make a big impression with sweeping views and innovative features like solar-powered LED lighting or the ability to levitate and roll upwards into a wheel.

But above all, they reward us for traveling, whether on foot or two wheels, with our own muscle power.

A Growing Trend: The Capilano forest also features a new 650-foot-long network of bridges and viewing platforms connecting several of the towering Douglas fir trees.

And the concept has taken hold—canopy walks have lately been built in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and Borneo's Danum Valley.

That's been the case in upstate New York, where a 17-year grassroots effort to repurpose an industrial railroad bridge as the Hudson River Walkway is now reaping rewards.