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Artist dating online

Please go to the ' Sales Information' page for details of how to purchase your own original and unique abstract paintings.

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What Pollock is saying is that it is who he is that makes his paintings what they are.He is the sum of his own unique experiences, and it the combination of this and his particular memories, mood, environment, etc that result in his paintings.It is a shame that abstract art is not widely appreciated, and in the UK at least our education system has to take at least part of the blame.When asked what his subject matter was, the Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock famously remarked “I am the subject”.The point being that you don’t need an external point of reference in order to create a painting.All paintings shown in the Gallery pages are for sale unless otherwise stated.

Buying abstract art is easy - payment is simple and the paintings will be shipped straight to your door, wherever you live.

There is still a widespread perception that abstract paintings are either created by people because they can’t do ‘proper’ paintings, or that they are in fact trying to do a proper painting, but failing badly.

For further information on my ramblings on the subject of abstract paintings see my Understanding Abstract Art essay.

Dealing directly with me through my website allows you to save on gallery fees and ensure you get the best deal.

While I have tried to price the works reasonably, I am happy to negotiate on prices, if you look at the enlarged image of each abstract painting in the gallery pages you will see that there is a facility on there to make an offer.

I knew nothing at all about website design or promotion when I started, and if I’d known how much there was to not know, I might not have started!