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Adult arabian chat

As no records of native cats in Cyprus exist, this discovery indicates that Neolithic farmers brought cats to Cyprus from the Middle East, most likely to control rodents.

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It measures 47–66 cm in body length, 26–33 cm in tail length, and weighs 2.35-7.26 kg.Its fur is generally lighter than that of silvestris, and is grayer in shade.The patterns on the head and the dorsal band are well developed, though the transverse bands and spots on the trunk are mostly faint or absent.The ears are moderate in length, and broad at the base.The eyes are large, with vertical pupils, and yellowish-green irises.Within possibly 10,000 years, the steppe wildcat spread eastwards into Asia and southwards to Africa.

As a whole, the wildcat (along with the jungle and leopard cat) represents a much less specialised form than the sand cat and manul.

Fossil remains of the wildcat are common in cave deposits dating from the last ice age and the Holocene.

At some point during the Late Pleistocene (possibly 50,000 years ago), the wildcat migrated from Europe into the Middle East, giving rise to the steppe wildcat phenotype.

The wildcat (Felis silvestris) is a small cat native to much of Africa, Europe, and Southwest and Central Asia into India, western China, and Mongolia.

Because of its wide range it is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List since 2002.

The tail is long, and usually slightly exceeds one-half of the animal's body length.