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Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, has attracted both die-hard supporters who preach how it saved their lives and money along with opponents who passionately denounce the hefty premiums and mandatory coverage requirements.Whether you love it or hate it, here is the Layman’s explanation to what’s happening in Healthcare today. Before Obamacare went into action in 2010, there were 47 million Americans who were uninsured, according to Center for Disease Control.

It would replace the subsidies, which are based on income and cost of coverage, adding refundable tax credits based mainly on age.The subsidies are projected to cost the federal government about $7 billion in 2017 and go directly to the Insurers ( which may sound like a lot, but in 2016 our fiscal budget spending was 3.5 Trillion ). Premiums for the benchmark plan on which subsidies are based will rise 22% (12.5% for Covered California), on average, a far steeper hike than in previous years.The ACA also enabled individuals to sign up for Medicaid in the 31 states that agreed to expand and allowed young adults to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26. This means, a plan can cost an average of $296 a month next year for a 27-year-old enrollee.You may have seen Trump’s Twitter threats or heard of utterances from Trump himself saying “let Obamacare implode” after the efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act were unsuccessful.In tweets this weekend, Trump threatened to stop paying insurance companies subsidies.Many sarcastically call it “the unaffordable care act.” According to 33 year-old Republican Gregory Ryan, “I was most upset by the high premiums and deductibles that get worse every year.

I also resent having my tax dollars go for sex-change operations and abortions on demand.” What is the Republican bill that was rejected propose?

Since then, approximately 20 million Americans became covered.

According to 41 year old San Francisco resident and HR professional Amiee Kushner, “ before the ACA (Affordable Care Act) was in place, I was literally unable to get individual coverage outside an employer group plan.

He referred to them as “bailouts.” What do you need to know about how the change in Health Care system will affect Californians like us?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, with the looming threat of subsidies being cut, Insurers would have to raise premiums by nearly 19% to compensate for lost payments from the government estimates.

I have had asthma and allergies for most of my life which require prescription drugs and are considered pre-existing conditions, so I flat out got rejected from receiving individual insurance…My cousin once got rejected for a pre-existing condition of acne because she took Accutane as a teenager.” Considering 1 in 2 Americans has a health condition that qualifies as a pre-existing condition, the ACA doing away with pre-existing conditions and making all coverage Guaranteed Issue What put the “affordable” in the Affordable Care Act were the government subsidies!