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100 no cc hookup

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They are relatively cheap and it avoids power adapters completely. IF you get into commercial cameras, most will run on either 12vdc or 24vac. My problem is that the Q-See system I have only came with 60' of wiring.

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Similar to doorbell wire, only stranded is much easier to work with vs. Would it be plausible to extend the 60' of wiring I have?The Q-See wires combine the power and coax in one wire and branches off on either end.5. The cable made by Q-see is about only good for 60' or less.Will 12V even power the cameras properly at a distance of 100-120'? If you are going 100-120', use some Siamese cable with solid copper center conductor and 95% Copper braided sheilding. You should not have any problems at all at 120' using 12V.We specialize in hard to find electronic parts from audio ICs and devices, to transformers and relays.Our inventory is made up of obsolete and active items, all at surplus prices. I am going to install a basic camera system for my uncle.

He owns a restaurant and just wants some added protection.

It has held up thus far to some mighty serious weather and temps. I have no doubt it will do fine.2- You can get the cable at lots of different places.

The online q-see store, amazon, even where I got my cameras for my qsee system.

They have pretty darn good cable for great prices- much hardier cable than the qsee cables.

You can also get siamese cable- superior cable in which you put the connectors on each end yourself.

With this, the distance to the object can be measured with fairly good accuracy.